Friday, April 25, 2014

Evernote for Anecdotal Note Taking

Evernote is digital notebook that allows you to take notes, clip web pages, upload images and files, and much more.  It is ideal for note taking, organization, and storage because it syncs between computer, smartphone, and tablets making your information available everywhere.  Evernote's tagline is "Remember Everything."

Evernote is a great tool for educators to become familiar with and use for classroom organization, management, lesson planning, and file saving purposes.  Teachers are getting excited about the ability to begin going paperless and are finding many uses for Evernote in their classrooms.
Classroom Uses:
A few ideas for how teachers can use Evernote:
  • Creating lesson plans and organizing in notebooks and with tags 
  • Taking notes during Professional Development, faculty meetings, etc.
  • Anecdotal Notes including images of student work samples
  • Audio recordings of students explaining work, oral presentations, and reading fluency samples
  • Create notes including PDF's, instructions, uploads to share and email to parents and students
  • Save articles and web clippings that can be organized and shared later
  • Upload and save pictures of students, their work, and important events
  • Creating check lists and to do check boxes
  • Set email reminders for a specific date and time in notes
  • Online file storage including PDF's and images to be accessed anywhere
  • Sharing information through social networking like Facebook, Twitter, email, and more
  • Writing sub plans that can include links, pictures of assignments, and other resources which can be shared through email
To view a Prezi that is a great example of how one teacher is using Evernote in her classroom on a daily basis click here.  This Prezi was created by Rebecca Spink and was found here.  

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