Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Thinglink for Education

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so how much would an interactive picture be worth? Thinglink gives you the opportunity to find out.  Thinglink is an amazing tool that allows you the ability to easily create and share interactive images. You can add hotlinks from your images to text, video, websites, presentations, etc. making your images come alive!

Check out this Thinglink example created about the Boston Massacre.  It was easily created by logging in, uploading an image, and then clicking on the image to add the hotlinks. The Thinglink was saved and added to the gallery for public viewing.

Besides being so easy to use, the best part about Thinglink is that it is free.  Teachers can create their accounts using Thinglink for Education, and then create student accounts.  Students accounts can be created with or without a student email address, so it is a great tool for both elementary and secondary classrooms. 

Thinglink is fun, engaging, simple, and it is just one of those tools that can enhance any classroom.


  1. I have seen some teachers use ThingLink effectively by using other web tools to add more engagement, Google Docs, SoundHound, and assessment web-tools to name a few. Students love the interactivity of this tool and it is great from LMS and Blended Learning.

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  3. Who doesn't need a bit of inspiration from time to time? Viewing examples of already created Thinglink projects can be a great way to learn about the possibilities of using this tool.

    Check out this ThingLink Education Pintrest board for over 100 examples!

    Another great resource is the Thinglink blog for more ideas and articles.