Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tech Club at Quail Hollow Elementary

Tech Club is up and running at Quail Hollow Elementary.  With the help of fifth grade teacher, Nic Heinz, 29 students in fourth and fifth grade have been introduced to the world of coding.  Students began the 8-week club doing a hands on activity that required the students to create a code, instructing other students to stack plastic cups in a desired way.  This activity, My Robotic Friends, helped the students understand the importance of clear direction and will be beneficial when they begin computer-based coding. The next activity brought the hands on experience to paper.  Graph Paper Programming also prepared the students for coding and really challenged the students to carefully direct one another to a desired destination.  Both activities were provided by TinkerSmith. We are excited to start the computer based coding using Hour of Code and K-5 Computer Science. Each week, we will guide the students though the lessons and encourage them to continue on in the wonderful world of coding!

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