Friday, July 10, 2015

Digital Zombie Avoidance

Another excellent ISTE presentation I had the pleasure of attending was about “Surviving the Digital Zombie Apocalypse” by teacher, Mr. Carl Hooker. (Check out his page here.) He was as entertaining as he was informative and his message focused primarily around finding balance with technology. The idea was that people become “zombies” with their faces in their phones, too focused on what is happening in the digital world and less so on the real world around them. Hey, even walking and texting can be dangerous! 

Some of the key points of his discussion involved issues with internet addiction, modeling appropriate technology use for children, setting personal limits and even considering periods of “digital nakedness” when tech is turned off or left behind.

While this may not be a surprise to anyone, his message was one that should be shared and seriously considered as becoming part of the tech-safety we teach students. We talk so much about using caution in sharing information and “playing” with online tools that we may have overlooked the need to teach and model when NOT to use technology and how to find a healthy balance between screen-time and other activities.  Teachers, I challenge you to find ways to model and effective digital balance with your students as this is a life-skill we all need to practice!

Things To Try:
1   1.)  Limiting Locations: Pick a time/ place when technology is not to be used
2   2.)  Brain Breaks: Use a timer to track device use
3   3.)  Digital Diet: Example- No Tech Tuesdays

4   4.)  Limit Interruptions: Turn off non-essential notifications

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