Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Film Making iPad Apps

As the school year is wrapping up, many parents are trying to think of fun activities to do with their children over the summer. Film making is an excellent activity that promotes creativity.  Here are a few apps that can help make film making more innovative.

Green Screen- $2.99

Green Screen by Do Ink is a very simple way to create green screen effects without much effort.  No longer are you stuck in the location you film. With this app, you can land on Mars, go on a safari, or visit the Eiffel tower.  This app allows you to take live video still images.

Stop Motion Studio- Free *Add-ons available for an additional price.

Stop Motion Studio is a great app for anyone who would like to create a stop motion animation.  Stop motion brings still images to life.  You just set your scene, take a picture, move your scene a little bit, and snap another picture. You continue this process until you have built your entire video.  It usually takes about 18-24 pictures per second to create a fluid motion.  This app allows you to see a ghost image of your last image, so you know where to move the object for the next image.  It is a simple app to use, and anybody can do it.

Collabracam- $4.99

Collabracam is a recording app that allows you to film and edit live footage on up to 6 iOS devices at the same time. It gives you the ability to film the same footage from multiple angles while controlling which device is recording at that precise moment.  This app is compatible with Galileo giving you even more control of what is being filmed.

iMovie- $4.99 

iMovie is an app that allows you to create quality movies or trailers on your device with very little prep.  You can take picture or record video in the app or use footage from your camera roll.  iMovie has built in themes that helps give any project character.

If you want to take your movie making to the next level, try app smashing.  Create footage in more than one app, save it to your camera roll, and then compile it in iMovie.

*Remember, A movie is only as good as its storyline.  Consider making a storyboard before you start.  For ideas on storyboarding and tips creating a film, visit:

Happy Filming!

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