Thursday, March 26, 2015

SAGE Tips and Tricks

Now that SAGE is fast approaching, here are some additional resources for teachers to use to prepare students:

1. Plickers - these are great tools and a lot of fun for students to review. (Ask your ed tech if you need any help getting started!)
2. iPad Camera - have students take pictures of each part of the scientific process in experiments. Have them interview each other after the pics are taken.
3. Haiku Deck- a great way to review. Have your students write reviews on core curriculum areas such as math skills, etc.
4. Flash card apps - these will help students with their speed in basic math facts which are necessary to solve more difficult problems. (there are many great ones)
5. Khan Academy - this is a great resource for practice, remediation, or drill.
6. iTooch Elementary - This is a great app for ELA, Math, and Science.
7. Bill Nye App - this is a great app for science. Kids will stay engaged while learning concepts that will be found on the SAGE.
8. Science Glossary App - just as the name implies, it is a great glossary of all science terms with some good examples.
9. Math Word Problems App - this app is for all grades from 3-up. There are haptic types of questions, just like those found on SAGE also.
10. Learning Games app - Again, this is for all grades from 3-up. There are activities in all subject areas including ELA, Science, and Math.

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