Thursday, December 18, 2014

Made with Code

With the Winter Break quickly approaching, it’s time to Code the Holidays.  Google has created the website,, where you can code the light sequence for a Christmas tree. After your code sequence meets your satisfaction, you can click the done button and submit your project to the Google website.  Okay, okay, now here’s the best part… Your light sequence will actually appear on a tree in the nation’s capital! You pick which tree, and Google will give you the date and time it will be displayed! 
If coding tree lights isn’t your thing, then try out some of the other project that Google’s Made with Code has to offer.  You can construct your own unique snowflake, create a 2D or 3D Avatar, or even build your own musical beats.

Made with Code has something for everyone. It's entertaining, educational, and anyone can do it! The website contains resources for other coding websites, as well links to at-
home projects. 

Enjoy your Winter Break, and don't forget to Code the Holidays!

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