Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wanted: Student Filmmakers!

Do you know a student interested in film? How about a group of students interested in working with a local business? Besides being a great learning and leadership opportunity, filmmaking helps students develop communication and organizational skills through a hands-on, student lead project. 
This year for the 6th Annual Canyons District Film Festival we are encouraging more students to step into a leadership and film-production role by being partnered with a sponsoring business in the community to create an advertisement.

This is an exciting opportunity for students and businesses alike, so if you know of a company or small business in the area that would like to help sponsor the 2015 Canyons District Film Festival, please connect them with your Ed Tech as soon as possible! Student and business intent to participate forms must be turned in by 5pm on December 4, 2014 so that interested businesses and students can be partnered to start creating those fantastic advertisements! 

Even if you can't participate, don't miss out on the chance to see these and other student-created films make their Film Festival debut on April 16, 2015! 

For more information about filmmaking in the classroom and the Canyons District Festival, visit our Professional Learning page. 


  1. The fourth graders at Willow Canyon are excited to create an advertisement and other films for the 2015 Film Festival. Thanks for providing the opportunity to the students!

  2. Some of the categories I feel go naturally with the curriculum and skills we are already teaching our students are Documentary and PSA:
    For as long as I can remember students have been asked to research a topic and write a report. How exciting would it be to take that report one step further by turning it into a documentary film?
    We have always taught students citizenship skills, and in recent years these skills have included more about bullying and digital citizenship. A great way for students to summarize lessons we are teaching them is to have them create a PSA about these important topics.