Saturday, September 6, 2014

Heartbreak over lost phones

While in a school yesterday, I was reminded about the importance of protecting my property.  Over the loud speakers, which can be heard throughout the school, I heard the sound a parent, student, administration, and EdTech cringe at, “If anyone finds an iPhone in a blue case please bring it to the main office.”   

I rushed to the main office to offer my help.  I asked the main office to call down the student.  Just then a student came in the room caring a blue iPhone case with no iPhone, they had found it on the floor.  The student’s face when she saw that her phone was gone was heartbreaking.

I said, “It’s OK, I am here to find your phone.” I felt like a superhero.

“How,” she replied.

“The miracle of iCloud.”  I assumed everyone with an Apple device enables this awesome feature.

“I never set iCloud up.”  The look of heartbreak was now on my face.  She knew what iCloud was but decided against it.   INSANE!

As you go to work this year or send your child to school with a smart phone or device be sure to enable any security features to help protect your investment.  The instructions for enabling security on Apple and Samsung products are listed below. 



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