Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SpellMania App

SpellMania is a free app available in the iTunes store.
 It is available for the iPad and iPhone.
This app gives players 16 letters to make words.
Words must be 3 or more letters.
Players use their finger to connect letters to form words.
This app has a timed and un-timed feature

The Un-Timed Feature
The un-timed game shows the player how many words can be made with the 16 letters.
This player has made 4/148 words, words are shown in the center.
The Timed Feature
The timed game has a timer that runs out.
Once the timer has ran out, the player must start a new game.
The game can be paused and resumed.

This app is great for all grade levels. It gets the brain working. 
For an extension of this app, teachers could have students make sentences using one, two, or three of the words that have been made on the app. 

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